…Stand up and bless the Lord your God from everlasting to everlasting. Blessed be your glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise.

Nehemiah 9:5

The book of Nehemiah begins with a great city that is in ruin.

It ends with the city of Jerusalem restored and with the Israelites united to praise God, thank Him for His goodness, and recommit themselves to living lives pleasing to Him.

It’s not hard to see ourselves in this story.

We live in a nation that has allowed the stronghold of Satan to infiltrate what God has blessed. We see the effects of this as even our small town bursts with individuals facing suicide, depression, anxiety, and the opiod crisis, just to name a few. It is our desire to unite as Christians to stand together, declare our Lord’s glory and to bless His name with shouts of praise. We reach out to you today with a desire to claim this land for all that is good and holy.

Our intent is to create a free worship event for the people of New Bethlehem and the surrounding area.

It will be an opportunity for the Christians in our communities to come together, to invite others, to present the Gospel, and to praise God, affirming that we and our Valley belong to Him, and we will not be taken by the forces of evil in our world.

Support Us

This music festival can’t happen without your support. Wether that’s financial, by volunteering, or just by praying, we need your support.